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Features and product placements in niches from tech to crafts, all in-house. All websites run on JAMStack to pass Core Web Vitals. Also, all are in-house - no reselling.

JAMStack/ Scaling

JAMStack publishing engines make for faster websites with lower hosting and maintenance costs.

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Granular SEO Lab: Making sense of Google API data for Search Console

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Pro-active WordPress Security: Recommended default setup

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2020 / RECOVID
JAMStack, Jekyll, Firebase, Miro

2016+ / RFlow
LAMP/LEMP, Ruby, Bash

2015+ / WordPress Security / Pentest / Routines
LAMP/LEMP, WordPress

2015+ / WordPress Development
WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3, Jekyll

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Authority Builders Publishing.Media NOBS Databox