Content Production

Content Production

Features and product placements in niches from tech to crafts, all in-house. All websites run on headless tech to pass Core Web Vitals. Also, all are in-house - no reselling.

TheoryDigital for Marketers & marketing agencies

Timeframe: 2021+

Product placements and features, customised terms.

Tools: Ruby, Nginx, Debian, Zapier

TheoryDigital OU runs a growing network of online publications that offers content hosting, product placement and other content marketing products.

  • Niches covered: retail, beauty, lifestyle, travel, finance, crypto, technology.
  • All sites are in-house, we do not resell.
  • General terms and conditions here.

Get in touch via email or WhatsApp. If you prefer marketplaces, see what sites are currently accepting orders at Collaborator. Discounts and special rates available for orders through there.

We prefer working with agencies or directly with the brand. We do not usually work with individual resellers, unless you order through Collaborator.

About the network

All our websites run on headless CMS technology. We do not use a traditional CMS like Wordpress, which enables our small team to run the entire network of websites without the risk of having them hacked.

Choosing headless also means having the best possible page speed and media delivery, as well as security.

Your benefits of working with TheoryDigital OU:

  • lower rates as our sites are in-house
  • faster turn-around times than with resellers
  • payment methods include big cryptos and stablecoins

Last but not least - we’ve got a well-managed Web2.0 presence to back the network up.

Get in touch to get the list of our sites:


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