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Publishing Network
Features and product placements in niches from tech to crafts, all in-house. All websites run on JAMStack to pass Core Web Vitals. Also, all are in-house - no reselling.

Client: Marketers & marketing agencies

Year: 2021+

Work: Digital Marketing / Product placements and features, customised terms.

Platform: JAMStack, Zoho, Zapier

We run a growing network of online publications and blogs that offers product placement and content marketing products. The niches we work in are technology, blockchain, marketing, arts and crafts. The network is formed in three rings at the moment, building a fourth.

All our websites run on JAMStack to ensure the best possible performance in terms of Google’s Core Web Vitals criteria as well as safety: There is not much to hack through a static generated website.

We work mostly with agencies and resellers, but are open to direct deals as well - obviously at a better price than what you get through a reseller. All of our websites are in-house, so the turn-around time is better as well. Last but not least - we’ve got a well-managed social media presence to back the network up.

There is a general overview of the terms we typically require available from here.

If you are interested, please get in touch and name the niche of your preference.


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