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Publishing Network
Features and product placements in niches from tech to crafts, all in-house. All websites run on JAMStack to pass Core Web Vitals. Also, all are in-house - no reselling.

Client: Marketers & marketing agencies

Year: 2021+

Work: Digital Marketing / Product placements and features, customised terms.

Platform: JAMStack, Zoho, Zapier

TheoryDigital OU runs a growing network of online publications that offers product placement and content marketing products. We work in the following niches: finance, crypto, blockchain, fashion, marketing, infosec and arts.

About the network

All our websites run on JAMStack. We do not use a CMS like Wordpress.

Choosing JAMStack means having the best possible page speed and media delivery, as well as security.

It is easy to abuse a Wordpress site for spam, much harder to do that with a static site.

Who we work with

We work with agencies, resellers and individual marketers as well.

Your benefits of working with TheoryDigital OU:

  • lower rates as our sites are in-house, not resold
  • faster turn-around times
  • payment methods include big cryptos and stablecoins

Last but not least - we’ve got a well-managed Web2.0 presence to back the network up.

Get in touch to get the list of our sites:


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