Documentation for WP Agent - Real estate WP theme set (parent-child)

Why child theme

If we ever need to fix a bug or a security problem in the theme, we can just update all the parent themes without managing the adjustments in each live site separately.

By creating a child theme, you can make changes to the design and functionality of your website without modifying the original parent theme. This is extremely useful because it allows you to customize your website without worrying about losing your changes during theme updates.

Child themes are typically used to make changes to the visual appearance of a website, such as modifying CSS or adding new templates. They are also handy for adding additional features or functionality to a WordPress site.

One of the main advantages of using child themes is that they provide a clean and structured way to customize your WordPress website. They allow you to separate your custom modifications from the original theme files, making it easier to maintain and update your website in the long run.

Parent WP Agent theme

When launching a new agent website, install the parent theme first.

The original WP Agent theme in its latest version lives on our staging server for your reference.

Latest WP Agent parent theme demo

Child WP Agent theme

A basic child theme is shipped together with the WP Agent theme.

Once your site has the parent theme installed, go ahead and install the child theme.

Below is the message you will see if the installation was successful. Click Activate, then configure the theme and if you want, make any modifications to its files.

You can make styling changes via style.css or any files in the child theme folder. You can also add new files to the child theme. Changes in the child theme will override changes in the parent theme.

Full documentation to child themes at

Reference for a WP Agent child theme at work: