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(Updated in Mai 2001)
Examples of possible solutions: +Forseti's

Subject: Lab 1 fun

Hello Fravia

Here's my solutions to Lab 1:

#1 Aqua Barbie

Hmm google query "Aqua Barbie" finds lyrics, so we can asume it's a song
or band name, a further google seeking of '"Aqua Barbie" +.mp3'
Result #1 ( hehe ):

and from there to the file somewhere on someone's Gnutella net:

Time elapsed: < 1 minute


#2 Ovid's Amore III

An easy one, thanks to google. The query string: "Ingenium quondam fuerat":
and result #5 (after 4 pointing to you :-P) is:

Time elapsed: however long it takes to copy+paste into new google window
(+/-3 seconds)


#3 Web plagarism:

A tricky one, in that the phrase was changed though the idea still
remains, it is not a bitwise copy of the original, hence the 'plagiarism':

A search for a modified phrase:

"The industry standard remains" on FAST
yelds 8 results the eighth of which has a title "Digital Images"... 
looks promising :-) (mind that you
don't let fast snarf your URL going through it, cut the URL out of their
referrer link)

The text on this page reads:

"There are an increasing number of image manipulation programs available
of which the industry standard remains PHOTOSHOP. However, this is very
expensive and has a steep learning curve. I have tried a number of
programs, and they all have their strong and weak points.

I always come back to Paintshop Pro, which is reasonably priced shareware.
The old version 3 was excellent and the newer version 4 and now 5 are even
more so. There is little point entering the field of digital imaging
without adequate software and a suitable printer."

Time elapsed: 5-6 minutes trying various length and snippits until finally
I dropped the word "professional" then it was one search away...


#4 Submarine Badge:

A Soviet Diesel submarine with the numeral 300 below it. 300 may be a Unit
number, but we'll see. A google search for:

and the _first link_ is: (ooh pictures...
seem to be heading true)

>From there we look for Navy-related links, the fovea picks this one first:

... no dice, but then there's:

and we find Aha! the number '300'


and there it is!

Time elapsed: 2 minutes. (if that)


#5 'PATH-FINDer" seeking quest:

Well, I must say that your sentance "[Files] Old files elementary
searching - perusing old alleys of the web" gave it away instantly, so off
to simtel I went, ( ) and there
it was. Then a quick click on to ftp-search ( nee Trondheim, alas the
server isn't _there_ anymore ) with the query of '' est
voilla: .

Time elapsed: 2-3 minutes (pesky auto download didn't work (java and
j-script off) went to ftp-search, hence extra minute... :)


I did this lab in reverse order, from 5-1, as I thought I'd just have a
poke at the last one for kicks, but then went on to the rest after I found
the path, eheh...

This was fun, and I think that while I wrote each description after each
search, there is a lot of heuristics left out, internalized reliances on
memory ( like knowing of simtelnet for years and years...) and other
seeking feelings and mysticism that has no words really...



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