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(Courtesy of fravia's searchlore.org)

Searching and understanding Advertisement,
The solution to the three advertisement debunking images

by G. Bidwell and fravia+

Part of the finding images section and of the antiadvertisement section.

published @ searchlores in December 2004, Version 1, december 2004

Introduction to the solution     The four images    


The four images published at searchlore.org in december 2004 were part of a workshop that I made, together with my friend Bidwell, in a french university a coupla months ago.

(Images finding on the web as art and passion ~ Advertisement debunking)

Can you find/guess/infere the images below? What they represent, what they mean?
As Bidwell pointed out to me, there are enough data IN THE IMAGES THEMSELVES to allow seekers (and advertisement debunkers) to solve the assignment, i. e. finding what these images represent and mean, even without finding the images themselves, which is probably true, comet to think of it, though such statements are always easy... once you have gained knowledge ex post.

In fact the FIRST image (The chick on the river) has been presented, both in the workshop and in the web, WITHOUT pointing out that it is an advertisement. Participants would have had to find that out by themselves. And then would have had to find out what KIND of advertisement it represented, and then to find it out on the web and to find out WHAT SPECIFIC advertisement it was.

And all participants did it relatively quickly, both during the university workshop with some help by Bidwell and me and on the web, where the seekers' community at large found out the images with an astonishing velocity and ease.

The declared purpose of such images debunking exercises is to test viewers' ability to "debunk" images, which is in itself a useful skill in our "images bombarded" society.

So now it is up to you... what kind of (different) messages do the four images contain? Why should somebody have published them, what do they represent, which 'levers' are they supposed to move, in the subconscious of the viewer, and why?
Answering these questions makes it easy to understand where the images may come from. And what they should mean, and what probably they were used for...

The images are all ORIGINAL and have NOT been edited nor modified, nor alterated in any way... just scaled and cropped by me, and not too much.

Finally it must be cleared that partipants were AWARE that the three other images apart from the initial The chick on the river:    1) What do we sell?    2) The head of the crab    and 3) The quiet harbour were advertisement. And unfortunately this made finding them very easy for seekers used to enter quickly ANY database of the web, no matter how well (or as in this case stupidily) protected, and also able to peruse any on line database efficiently with powerful searchstrings. So, when they found one of the three advertisement, they found all three of them in a wiff.

The images

source2, find this if you can :-)

natureintact, find this if you can :-)

revenge, find this if you can :-)

quietharbour, find this if you can :-)

And now the solutions. ACHTUNG: SPOILER!
     do not read if you want to solve by yourself...

For "The chick on the river" please check the ad hoc page. Reading the discussions there you'll gain a lot of angles for your own image debunking activities.

For the "What do we sell?"...
The title "What do we sell?" itself points to the fact that the little BMW logo is clearly (and this evidence notwithstanding also subliminally at the same time) quite visible in the small "tyre formed" ring in the left of the lake. Note that here, a car brand advertisement, we have no cars and no roads at all in the image...
While there's NO OTHER connection to a car (quite the contrary, uncontaminated nature, as often with car advertisements, that will never show you a car in its usual habitat: the middle of stinky traffic congestions) the portuguese words (that require some zooming and some tools to read) point to Brasil and it's only a matter of time until the reader discover a repository of portuguese bmw advertisement.

For "The head of the crab"...
Either, as many lazy ones have done, you just peruse the same database until you find it, or you notice, as many did, that the crab has quite NASTY intentions, and is coming out of the pan in order to haunt you (as the title "revenge") also implies.
So that's a 'alka seltzer' advertisement for those that have eaten too much the evening before, as also the small circle on the right side below (the top of a tablett) points to.

And now you have enough hints to find by yourself the third -and most difficult- one, "The quiet harbour", which has an amazing nasty /filthy "double sense" inside its meaning and purpose, that can also be derived observing the slighly "unnatural" position of the model :-)

Yet it is a real advertisement, that was really published... and I bet that many people (of both sexes !), having seen it streets and magazines have been deceived "hook and senker" by the hidden messages of those nasty perverts that only want to make bucks over our dead pavlovian reflections... :-(

I already said too much... enough. C'mon, if I gave you the correct solutions for everything, and if I woudl not leave at least a small bait, your seaching learning curve would be steeper, dear reader... :-)

Petit image

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