Why would you want to use a proxy?..check then

a few NOTES & TIPS on using proxies:

Sites with Lists of Working Proxies:,,, lightning.prohosting-proxies,, Ijs.Co.Nz (and subsequent pages),, Proxys4All, list.htm , or, Wayne's proxies,, for a list of proxies servers by country, go to, a Russian list of proxies,,

additional software for proxies:

check how anon the proxy you are using really is:

NOTE* trully anon proxies will NOT show HTTP_FORWARDED or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR variables, HTTP_FROM will show if they can grab your email address from the browser, HTTP_REFERER will show the page you came from,
to see your IP address quick, type WINIPCFG on the START+RUN
MANY places to visit and find out what they say about YOU AND your proxy, some will say your proxy is secure, some won't, so it's YOUR judgment:

and Several Remailers you can use to ANONIMOUSLY send e-mail: e-re-mailer the Freedom Remailer? the Anonimizer remailer the encripted version of the above use this to post text messages to usenet anonimously

open proxies-use at your own risk!

lightning.prohosting-proxies german anonimizer (like anonimiser) The DefCon proxy PeaceFire proxy anonimizer

to be checked: learn much more about proxies

I wellcome ANY corections, tips, additions,ets...